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 I am Hreedoy Anirban Khandakar (38), a writer, presenter, and actor. Professionally, I direct photography for films, television, commercials, and web series. My future career goal is to be a film producer, and I am currently pursuing a film degree in NYC. Previously, I produced work for the film production companies:  Jogi-motion Studio (2009 to 2012) and  Karuj Communications (2011 to 2013), based in Bangladesh. In 2013, I established my own film production company, Syndicate Films, in NYC.

 I embrace the unknown, love to travel, meet new people, and interact with new cultures, experiences from which I practice the art of crafting stories about the human condition.  


 My passion is storytelling, and I am currently working on my new film based on human trafficking.


  Please visit my photography site-




E-mail: Phone: +1 (646) 577-0412 ​

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